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COREsolutions Education Services core values are providing specialized services when it comes to the high demands of staffing and recruiting highly qualified staff for our clients. Whether our clients are seeking contingent (temporary) staffing or permanent staffing we aim to provide uniquely designed options focusing on areas of interest and high needs.

Meeting Challenges in Fulfilling Staffing Needs

Many educational providers encounter challenges when it comes to placing staff, specifically in hard-to-fill positions. COREsolutions Education Services wants to be that service that is able to pick up where many of the larger staffing agencies fall short, by providing personalized services that fit your organization’s specific needs.

Maintain Focus On Your Needs

We strive to maintain focus when working with our clients to offer high-quality services by not taking on too many clients at once. We want to be that entity that places our clients needs first by ensuring that we are tailoring our services to your individualized needs.